Holiday schedule: We will be closed from Dec 21 to Jan 4 for the holidays. We will close off 2020 performance the week prior. Have a good holiday everyone, and may ’21 be the year we look in the rear-view mirror and give thanks for all we have in these crazy times. 


December 2020. The country in crisis, but the stock market is printing all time highs. What does this mean, and how should you invest?

With Covid cases/deaths soaring along with more lockdowns, the markets keep racking up new highs. Disconnected from reality?  Yes, but some companies are reporting great earnings and making bundles of cash from the crisis. Others are in deep trouble. So what can we expect till the end of the year. A Santa rally or will reality rear its ugly head. The question for traders is – do I trust the market to stay in  – and stay long? At StockJumpers we maintain an overall bear sentiment despite all the positive market news to the contrary. We may get more up movement to the end of the year, but at some point this bubble will burst and when it does it could be cataclysmic. 

Our core philosophy is to be in cash and trade events only… and then return back to cash on Friday’s. No holding onto anything. The risk is too high, and  any bit of bad news – like a war, or an American coup could smash this thing down like a “sledge hammer on a soufflé”  as Elon Mush said about his Tesla stock which is another insane story. 

The answer here is simple. Be cautious and don’t buy in to what you know to be a bubble. History repeats itself and will again in this case. 

PINS broke our record for the biggest 12 hour profit jump with a 40% gain.

It blew our SNAP trade of 2 weeks ago out of the water, which was on record for our biggest jump trade ever. This is the reason we love volatility. Of course you need to get the direction right.

Herman Miller Trade Rocketed Up

Herman Miller trade did as predicted. They beat big-time, and we can ride this one up all the way. See the report below…

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A 35%% Profit Potential On This One.


The stock market hits an all-time high in the middle of a pandemic/economic crisis. Will the party continue? What is the secret to making money in today's market?

Is that good news or should you prepare for a correction?  We didn’t trust this market before the pandemic crisis and we certainly don’t now. Thus we trade events we never stay in longer than a day or two. We call them ‘Jumpers’. Up or down – it doesn’t matter, We are in and out quick and move on to the next. There is no ‘long term’ play in this disconnected reality market. We don’t trade value or growth with our Jumpers strategy. We trade catalysts, mostly earnings events. Its not a risk-free strategy, but it is consistent and profitable – if you have the predictive tools. This is the secret to making money in this market.


Shoe Carnival has been on a tear since the revival of the markets. Up 25% last quarter on an earnings miss, so we were extra careful reporting on it today and trading it. So far looks like a 20% win in a few minutes, based on our short selling data. Here is the report we published. Below is the chart a half hour after they reported….


Big miss on earnings, while all the analysts were long, we were short. Here is our Jump Report.  Here is NFLX  current chart We pocketed 15% in 5 minutes. Nice trade StockJumpers members.  Trading these events is much easier when you know the direction its going.


Check out an example of our BBBY trade this week. Here is the BED BATH & BEYOND (BBBY) Jump Report which got traded on the 8th. Look on the Trade Plan tab where we call the direction and how we are trading it. We trade BBBY every quarter and our win ratio is 100%. We shorted Tuesday based on our data-set, and pocketed a quick 20%. Easy money? No, it takes work and knowledge - but this is what we do - day in and day out. StockJumpers excel's - reporting on and trading "Jumpers".. 

 At StockJumpers we trade catalyst events with our amazing prediction technology that uses A.I.3 models to determine the most probable direction of a stock jump. It’s accuracy is about 80%. The Jump Calendar below are the earnings reporting events we are working next…expecting to jump 5-20% within minutes after their earnings release. 

To view each Jump Report and how we are trading it… visit the Jump Reports page.

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StockJumpers Launches 'Trade Portal 2.0'

The full release of the Trade Assist Portal is now available and ready to rock and roll. As a member you have full access and automate trading jumpers

Ready to rock and roll with our production release of the Trade Portal software, which broadcasts trading signals to our members and has numerous automated trading features built in. The latest release has a number of tweaks. Before I list them – a  special thanks to our Beta testers who had to endure a few weird twists and turns along the way. 

Updates include:

Free Paper Trade Account: Before committing to a Strategy use StockJumpers Virtual Broker where you can paper trade before going to live and get comfortable with the risk-reward.

Multi-Brokerage capability:: Tradier is our primary brokerage and offers a full robust trading experience, but this new version will add multi-broker capability. Over the months to follow you will see additional opportunities to invest-trade with your favorite brokerage.

SMS messaging for Trade Alerts and Notifications: This means you don’t need to be on the Trade Portal app to see your Trade Alert messages.

Bracket Order Type Support: Set your Take Profit and Stop Loss and walk away – now with full or partial automation 

Enhanced Graphical Interface: The platform is easy to operate and adjust settings and see performance

View upcoming "Jump" trades by going to the trade calendar...

The Trade Calendar just got interesting as summer heats up with the big mover jump trades. And just in time with the release of the new Trade Portal software with Trade Assist.

Finally, after months of testing we are launching our Trade Assist program that uses the new Trade Portal – connecting you to a commission free brokerage account to operate your jump trade investing business.

Long awaited, we are finally there, and though technically this is a Beta 2.0 release, and will need some cosmetic improvements over the next month, the operational aspects are stable. 

To find out more about it and take a look at how it works visit the Trade Portal FAQ page here.

Those who are old members, who did not renew their memberships will be given one last opportunity to get in on this at a discount… but only if they renew this month, and then it will be gone forever.  Grab your coupon code here..

Herman Miller trade did as predicted. They beat big-time, and we can ride this one up all the way. See the report below…

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