Step 3. Link Your Brokerage Account

Final step – link up your brokerage account for auto-trading. The button below will take you off the StockJumpers site to our auto-trading partner site where you will be able to get your broker account set-up for auto-trading.

BROKERAGE OPTIONS: You currently have TWO broker options for TRADING this strategy. (more are coming soon) 

1. Interactive Brokers  (Largest discount brokerage firm in the world
2. C2 – (The Free Brokerage Service)


(details will be provided inside the Auto-Trade site)

When you get to the portfolio page … click “Subscribe” and it will take you through the final process of setting up your broker account.  If you get lost or confused in getting your broker account linked – you can always contact the support department of our auto-trading partner and have them walk you though the details.

*Note: As we mentioned earlier, there is a 49/mo software licensing fee which is paid out to our auto-trade partner.  The StockJumpers strategy fee will show “0” owed on your subscription.