Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are there different subscription plans and which is best?

Our membership program has changed and we are now auto-trading the StockJumpers strategy for our members. The overall strategies are basically the same with a few differences due to the risks involved with auto-trading. (you can manually trade any trade signal as well and have total control over your auto-trade app.)

CASH COW FUND is our lower risk passive income program suitable for retirement and cash brokerage accounts… (5k minimum)

  is the more aggressive high risk – high reward strategy for margin account traders (35k minimum). 

BOUNCE TRADER is an add on strategy for members who want to increase profits capturing the “bounce” from stocks that become over-sold or over-bought during an emotionally charged catalyst event. This is an opportunistic strategy that leverages the skill of our-trading professionals generally after a big move.

Each member has different goals and uses for the data based on how they trade. An Investor (CASH COW FUND) may only wish to do occasional trades and invest in more stable stocks, while a PRO-JUMPER member wants higher reward and understands there is a higher risk associated with that reward.

What if I want to trade more than one strategy at a time?

You can  – but you may want a sub-account for each strategy, as they will interfere with each other.

What are the requirements for setting up the PRO-JUMPERS auto trader with my broker?

PRO-Jumpers is a very active strategy and  requires a margin account for both long and short trades. You will need a minimum balance of 35,000 so you are not flagged as a PTD (Pattern Day Trader). 

Can I trade out of a retirement account. 

CASH COW FUND is a long only strategy and  you can trade it in a margin or cash account, it is also suitable for an IRA. PRO-JUMPERS is not unless it is traded in certain cash only accounts. 

 What is the difference between an AMC and BMO trade?

AMC = after market close BMO = before market open. A BMO trade will generally be entered the day before the pre-market announcement, An AMC trade will the entered generally just before market close. Your Jump Report provides the intelligence and a trade plan. Its up to you as a self-directed trader how to trade it.

 How Does StockJumpers Trajectory Analysis Study Work?

The first step in the process is to pick the stocks with the greatest volatility (especially during peak earnings season where we have 200+ a day to choose from). Then we apply our extensive trajectory analysis tools which include not just technical and fundamental research but deep intuitive and emotional market sentiment factors. We can spend many days researching  a study before we make our call. We only care about what happens to a stock within the 24-hour “jump window” following the release. The target stock is looked at based on market reaction to the catalyst (the most probably trajectory of the move..  For an earnings reporter, the  quarterly release may show a solid beat on both top and bottom line and still the stock price tanks after the announcement. The trajectory-outcome is all we care about and what our data is focused on We often publish a Jump Report with a “short-selling” trade plan that is spot on accurate even though the news release was a solid beat on earnings. It’s what makes StockJumpers unique and more accurate then any of the so-called Wall Street “experts.”

Do You Publish Performance Results?

Yes. A performance spreadsheet is published with a complete history of every Jump (Hit or Miss) along with a virtual performance output based on the strategy.

Which Plan Gives Me Access To the Trade Room?

The Trade Room is currently only being used for training. With auto-trading these strategies we found there is little use for it. 

Why is a Jump Report only one page long?

Too much information only confuses a trader. We sweat over the details so you don’t have to and distill the trajectory into a simple directional outcome with enough ancillary information to trade with confidence.

What is the cost of an individual report?

With auto-trading we no longer offer single jump reports. As a PRO member you will have access to all Jump Reports and can manual trade or subscribe to the auto-trader system and have the trading on auto-pilot.

Can I trade options?

We have a number of members using the Jump Report data to trade options successfully. We will be offering auto-trading of Options as a strategy for select members in the near future. 

How much capital do I need to trade with?

For the PRO JUMPERS strategy Unless you have at least 25,000 in a margin account – your broker will not allow you to place more than 4 trades a week. The S.E.C. created the pattern-day-trader restriction rule which requires your Broker to lock you out of any trades beyond 4 per week. Doesn’t mean you have to trade that amount, but it needs to be in your account.  We recommend no less than 30k in your account for PRO-JUMPERS.  For the CASH COW fund which is lower volume and a long only strategy you don’t need a margin account or that much capital. You can do this in a cash or retirement account for the most part without restriction (check with your broker). We suggest a minimum of $10,000.

What is a “Jump Zone” and how do you calculate Jump profits?

Jump Zone is a term invented by StockJumpers. It is the total profit or loss of a “Jump Trade Event” from the peak to valley over a 24-hour period. The idea is to have a uniform measure of success (or failure) of a Jump event assuming the trader took maximum profit or loss from the trade. It doesn’t mean you will make or lose that much, as  most traders can never time a perfect exit. This is just a way to visualize the total move and measure overall potential profits, if you got it right or wrong. Some Jump Zones are very small (meaning the loss or profit is small) and some are quite large. StockJumpers research is always on the look-out for stock picks with high beta and volatility that will move the price at least 5-12% (jump zone) at the time of the catalyst event. The calculated entry price is generally the last candle before the end of the trading day or before the catalyst event.

Can I get a research report on a specific instrument of my choosing or do an intelligence study on a new trading strategy I want to test?

Subscribers who want in-depth analysis on a specific trade or strategy and/or custom research work must go through our Investment Adviser affiliate. StockJumpers is a financial publisher that offers only impersonal advice through its regular circulating newsletters and reports & does not tailor information to the specific investment needs of any subscriber.

Can I share the reports with friends and relatives?

No. The information you receive as a subscriber is proprietary and for paid subscribers only. We offer areferral discount and member benefits for you if your friend or relative subscribes to the service based on your referral.

How Do I Manually Trade a Jump Report?

As a self-directed traders its up to you how you trade these events.  Some trade the strategy using their own trading system and the Jump Report data acts as a backdrop of the most probable direction of the move. When the move replicates the data they go in. Others have developed a pure mechanical trading system – where they open a position same time each day with a fixed profit target and a stop loss. 5/5 is one such strategy  Options traders, look for cheap (out-of-the-money) options and double or triple their profits literally over-night. There are many ways to trade and depending on your risk-reward appetite the Jump data offers an information edge and level of confidence that other market participants don’t have. The accuracy is uncanny but may not always result in profit. Execution is everything, and StockJumpers assists its members with specialized training and weekly webinars in these unique trading events.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No. Unless otherwise stated all sales are final.

Member pockets 930% ($30,000) on one jump…

I thought I might tell you about my first big win since I started using your service.

Yesterday you put out a jump report stating that YUM would be dropping after announcing earnings. This is a stock I had looked at before but only superficially. Due to other investments I had I did not have a lot of free cash available to short, so I purchased put options investing less than $1000 for $80 strike. I was thinking a $5 drop in stock price at most. To make a long story short I was mistaken (never wrong) about the magnitude of the drop and I sold those options today for an 930% gain! I am thinking a very nice bottle of bourbon is in order! Keep up the good work 

Regards, Charlie N

Trader leveraging.. 
a $10 report into 

Hi, Dane, I really like the work U and your staff do. I have been with U for about a month, rolled up and down with you, and netted about $5000. U really don’t need to do any hype like a lot of the other companies do because U have what I consider the most important and valuable assets: strong transparency, living in the real world and in the moment, and excellent skills at picking earnings winners and losers. To improve my results, I often make a call or put order on your suggestions on my own trading platform and let them run into the next trading day. Though riskier because I cannot stop out on my own platform, using options has been safe so far because right-calls will tend to maintain in the same direction, while wrong-calls can be sold quickly at market opening. I am still learning how to trade on IB and look forward to your new direct connection with IB that your staff told me will be coming soon.

A side effect of your efforts has been that I have become much sharper at predicting what the results of earnings in a given company might be. I don’t make much money with this, but the results are in the black. Today, besides trading your excellent choices, I will be trading AHS long. Thanks to you, Andy, Mike and your staff for your excellent services!

James F.

May quit my day job so I can do this full time

Wow. i cannot beleive how accurate you guys are. I am up $60,000 for the year. You do have be nimble though trding these after market events but the Trade-Room has helped me tremendously and made me a much better trader. i am no track for a nice 6 figure income and may even quit my day-job.

Fred S.