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AMD: Is The Chip War with Intel Over?

Once almost dead, they have made quite a revival – and now the crypto space is adding more life to the processor biz. Will it be enough

Today, when they report we will see what impact the mining for bitcoin and the blockchain is having on their core business.

It will be interesting.

The crypto business will be a chief area to watch for, as for signs of momentum in servers and with the company’s new Ryzen .

The company has tried to convince investors that mining is just a small piece of the puzzle. “As a reminder, on our Q4’17 earnings conference call we stated that the percentage of annual revenue related to Blockchain was approximately mid-single digit percentage in 2017,” the company said in a blog post in late March. The blog entry came in response to an unnamed report that, according to the company, “hypothesized very high revenue for Ethereum-related GPU sales.”

But what about earnings?

Earnings: Analysts surveyed by FactSet predict that AMD earned an adjusted 9 cents per share in the March quarter, whereas it lost 4 cents per share a year earlier. According to Estimize,, the average projection calls for 10 cents in per-share earnings.

But they are all guessing. We have this one dialed in.

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Analysts will be looking for updates on AMD’s momentum in the server business, where Nvidia has made major inroads while Intel continues to dominate. Mizuho analyst Vijay Rakesh, too, will be looking for “signs of life with AMD’s Epyc,” and he predicts “modest” market shares gains in notebook PCs during the first half of the year. As for GPUs, Rakesh sees near-zero inventories which he believes will benefit AMD in the immediate term.

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Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) will be posting its FQ1-18 quarterly earnings results today at close. [AMD] is expected to post earnings of $.09 per share on revenue of 1.48 Billion. In the last quarter, the company reported $.08 earnings per share BEATING the analysts’ consensus estimate of $.05

Last 3 Quarters: “Jump Zone” Move: 7.61%, -13.75%, 10.91%

Consensus Estimates: ($.11 whisper) ($.10 estimize) ($.09 wall street

The last 4 quarters of earnings releases


Big moves today with high expectations. Let’s mine some serious profit off this chip maker on today’s jump.

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