85% WIN RATIO - 1,667% JUMP PROFITS IN 2017


Monday – 11:17am : We may only trade one event today based on the model’s. Check your Jump Reports page.

Is This Week Dripping With Profit?

Lots of trades next week… we may have to cull the herd – or we will have too much food on the table to properly consume.

Here is what we have so far…

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We traded YELP for a whopping 29% "jump" profit.

Great week… 5 trades – 100% wins.  Yelp was a classic jump trade, and is the perfect example of what we do and how well we do it. Its crazy how much money you can make when you dial in the right direction on a handful of these “jumpers”.

We will count the full winnings in our week in review. Looking at trading AVID today (even though we have scheduled NEWS CORP) – because the jump zone is 18%. Both jump reports are now published… we may only auto-trade one. Stay tuned.

Amazing JUMPER and the auto-trader captured most all the profits for members

One Month of Performance & We Are Off To a Great Start

We started trading PRO-Jumpers – our premier strategy – on the new auto-trader system a month ago with a model account portfolio of 50k in capital.  We did 21 trades over 36 days – and closed 19 of them at profit. 2 are still open positions.

Here is the bottom line… Out of $50,000 in capital we closed out a profit of $14,430. That’s a net performance of 28% for the first month. Annualized that would be – a 340% return. Not bad for a start-up. WOULD YOU WRITE A CHECK FOR $299 TO MAKE $15,000 EVERY MONTH? Of course you would. And its all passive income – meaning it rolls in without any involvement on your part.

And we have a Sharpe ratio of 4.5 which is excellent. Here are the Sharpe ratios of the 11 top performing funds, which we blew out of the water and will continue to. Now imagine the fund was started with a million dollars…. the profit in the first month would be $280,000. 

Now the bad news… we did only half of what I thought we would do. Yep, we expected to do closer to 50 return%… Shhhh – we really don’t tell people this cause its not believable. 

The truth is we were adjusting to the new platform and because it doesn’t allow us to close a trade in the after-market we have to be more picky about which of our Jump Reports go into the auto-trading hopper. We had a few bad trades this month that we had to mitigate so we held them longer than what we would normally do – which ties up capital. For you reading this that are not members – this is a real world example of mitigating losers and working the portfolio to make it profitable. Now imagine what happens when we are cranking on all 8 cylinders, (like next month)

We have been talking about this for years… but this is a no B.S. way to show it. Anyway – here are all 19 trades for the last 30 days. Some are weak noodles that we had to mitigate to keep profitable. We just closed Twitter today for a 13% win, after the release news. Real trades in an active account.  

And its just the beginning.., (click to expand to see all the closed trades)

Do you know any hedge fund or Adviser in the world that can do this consistently?

The ugly truth about trading and people who want to make money in the stock market. is only a handful really can trade these volatile events successfully – even with the direction dialed in 85% of the time. Why? Because they are not professional traders and get sucked in by their personal psychology which is usually mindset of self-sabotage. They get out too early in the trade, or too late or don’t enter per the rules. In other words  – they shoot themselves in the foot. 

Thus the auto-trader – with a skilled traders managing the model portfolio’s.

Even with performance like this – this program still may not be right for you. Its passive income and you are essentially an investor watching the profits roll in… but still – there WILL BE loser trades and drawdown. It’s part of the trading game. A majority of people can’t handle even the hint of risk. “OMG – my portfolio is down 4% what should I do?”  They would rather make 3-4% a year in a mutual fund and bitch about the fees than take a risk. OK – we understand. You want to “feel” safe. That’s fine… but then you are wasting your time reading this… cause you shouldn’t join the country club where the big boys play.

Again – there is a reason why 1% have all the money in the world the other 99% wonder why they don’t. It’s the way of the world. Lions rule in the savanna. Real traders rule in the markets.  For those that have a 1-percenter’s mindset… come join the Lion Kings – this is the right club for you.

Why you are likely to make 10 times more auto-trading than trading manually...

Listen: Trading is hard. Anyone who tells you different is lying. First you have to get the direction right, but then you have to manage the trade which is about timing the exit and the nuances. And if you get it wrong… you either take the hit — OR you mitigate it in some way to turn it to profit or at least the lowest possible loss. That’s what professional traders do… its what we do and now you can take advantage of that by mirroring our portfolio using the Auto-Trader bridge. 

How much profit? Review our performance over the last few years and see what it possible. 

Are You Ready To Auto Trade The StockJumpers Strategy?

When you click on the button it will take you to the join page – where you can become a member of our Investor’s Club (now FREE  a $300 savings) and then pick your trading strategy and link your brokerage account.  

Here is what you need to know to link your brokerage account to StockJumpers strategies:

1) We just started trading LIVE .. so there is little auto-trade history in the two portfolio’s, but we think they will do extremely well. So far its on track to do 40% profit in the first month. If you want to see our entire performance history – click on Performance (every single trade in StockJumpers history is here)

2) If you are an existing StockJumpers member (in good standing) you will be able to receive a coupon for a free month or two of auto-trading service based on what’s remaining on your subscription level. Just email me, and I will arrange it. 

3) There is a 49/month software (broker bridge) licensing fee, on top of StockJumpers membership. Can’t get around this and its what makes it all happen.

4) We have priced the CASH COW FUND extremely low ($5/month for at least the next 90 days) so if you want to get your feet wet and make some money with very low risk this may be the place to start. PRO-Jumpers-1 uses the jump reports… but will also mitigate losers and trade bounces (more on the strategy tweaks later)

5) You WILL need to set-up a NEW brokerage account exclusively devoted to auto-trading… so there are no issues with the auto-trading signals messing up your other trades. You can use the new C2 Brokers (its like Robin Hood) with NO COMMISSIONS OR TRANSACTION COSTS which more than makes up for the software licensing fees. 

6) There will be tweaks to our set-up along with training and support – but for right now  please have patience and understanding as we get the support systems refined. If you cannot see past our few warts… then don’t participate – its that simple.  If you do get in early you will be grandfathered in and it will end up costing less than if you wait.. but its up to you.The smart members who understand what it takes to trade these events will appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes to create this level of extraordinary performance.

7) With auto-trading its all done for you – you need ZERO trading skills and can chill out while our pros and trading machines do all the heavy lifting. Now, that doesn’t mean its completely hands off. You have to set up your risk levels, get your brokerage account going and have an understanding of the limitations and RISKS of trading – but then you can kick back and enjoy the ride.

Read everything please. 
Start small.
Make money.
Chill and enjoy it.
More later.

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Auto-Trading StockJumpers Strategy Is About To Become a Reality

Yep. The new auto-trade program is almost here. It begins with the Investors Club members trading the pre-jumps renamed “Cash Cow-1” and the cost for StockJumpers members (drum roll please) $5 a month for the first 90 days. Amazing. 

If you’ve been following the performance sheets… this is operated like a self-directed hedge fund, but up till now, you had to enter and exit trades manually when you got a trade signal via Twitter. Well no more. Now it really is your own personal hedge fund with full auto-pilot capability. And the fund portfolio is up 290% since October. Not bad. 

Here is a link to an article I just wrote on how it all works.   Also even more amazing than the cost of 5 bucks a month – is the cost of trading it. It’s FREE. If you use our partner’s brokerage – C2 Brokers there are no transaction costs. Yep FREE. There is a software licensing fee for the auto-trader bridge but the free trades more than make up that cost.

Again – read the article and let me know if you want to do it by filling out the little form at the bottom.  Don’t miss out on this one.


  • We are finalizing our auto-trading plan and will make it available to members with a special introductory offer next week. We are working out the parameters to offer this using a FREE BROKERAGE SERVICE, which can be traded inside any 401k or retirement account and take advantage of the StockJumpers strategy.
  • The auto-trading system will operate like a “self-directed hedge fund” and members will be able to control 100% of the trades and exit or enter at will or mirror the funds portfolio on full auto-trade. There will be many other benefits the main one being a hurdle rate which will be a benchmark % which has to be achieved each quarter (or the fees will be free). 
  • Members existing subscriptions will be directly transferable to the new system
  • Stay tuned for a major announcement soon.

Another awesome week of Jump trades.  100% wins. Here is what happened…

Monday – Rent-a-Center (RCII) 9% 
Tuesday – YUM China   (YUMC) 15.5%
Wednesday – FitBit (FIT) 11%
Thursday – GoPro (GPRO)  10.6

Plus a few snap trades like Pandora (P) which was an easy 22% profit take this morning. Yep you read that right – 22%. (extra sauce for the goose). 

90% of the trading game is getting the direction right. Which is what we do. And we do it extremely well. The best in the world in fact.  (see performance sheet). How is that for bragging. 

However that doesn’t mean you made the same profit we did. 

You have be able (as a self-directed trader) to execute the trading data and know not only how to enter a trade  – but exit correctly for maximum profit. This is where most traders get stuck. Paralyzed by fear trading a volatile event is a real issue. You might have done 3 good trades in a row and the last trade you lose on it and it scares the hell out of you… so you hold back on the next trade. You get a trade jump like Pandora (P) last night and the move  is 20% which would not only make up any loss, but add extreme profit to the bottom line. 

This is the reason people lose money. Like I’ve said a thousand times – we have traders making enough profit each month to buy a new Mercedes. And others with the exact same data losing their ass. How is this possible? Well, its not just about getting the direction right. Its about execution which is true in any business. And its not just a lack of skill which is a biggie… its your personal psychology. You may think you’re a “trader” because you have a brokerage account and read a book on options, but you actually think like an “investor” and cannot stomach losses – and you have not realized on a deep unconscious level that losses are just part of game.

The super successful traders… (the ones who make all the money in this biz)  know its a hit or miss game. They are not bothered by losses, because they know how to mitigate them and manage risk. The secret to all of this – is having an edge and executing that edge – and not letting your emotions interfere with it. Treat the entire process like a business, control your emotions and you can make a lot of money. If you are gambling with this system – or any other system, you eventually WILL LOSE YOUR SHIRT.

OK – so for those of you that want to do this – I mean you really get it and understand what I just said, and realize StockJumpers is a true trading edge and not marketing b.s. – here is how can you overcome the above and make a ton of money with our system, but not have to spend 5 years learning the game. 


We are putting the final touches on a new program that will be available June 1st where you can have a professional trader execute 100% of the trades (you still have full control of your account and can accept or reject the trade – or go on full auto-pilot). The program will be set up like a Hedge Fund and we will have a hurdle rate… probably 5% a month… Yes, you read that right. The fund will do 5% a month PROFIT – or no fee. And its YOUR fund. You manage it. And it can trade within your retirement account.  Pretty cool. And it solves the personal psychology issue. 

So the question is why doesn’t StockJumpers just do a real hedge fund and blow the doors off Wall Street. Well we are. But its for Accredited Investors only. So you need at least 2 million in the bank to participate and a minimum ante into the pot of 250k. StockJumper’s Partners Fund is in the making and once the capital raise is complete – we will be changing the rules in the Alternative Investment biz.

More news to come next week and how YOUR personal self-managed Hedge Fund will work.

Stay tuned… 

email me if you are an accredited investor:

PS – We just posted two NEW trading signals for our Investors Club members and closed our Gold miner trade. Man that is some easy passive income. Up  270% since October.

Its not about intelligence. Its about psychology. 

Most traders THINK they are traders, but in actuality they are not. They are investors. They buy a stock and hope it will go up and just because they have a brokerage account and read a book… they think that makes them a trader. In these volatile markets… that’s just crazy.

Would you hire a surgeon to operate on you without any training no matter how many books he read? Of course not. Then why on earth would you risk all your money trading without deep experience and knowing exactly what you are doing? People do it everyday… and when they lose their shirt who do they blame? Usually not themselves. I guess that’s the human way.

The first step in success – is being honest with yourself. About your personal limitations and also having a clear and unambiguous plan for success.  

The second step is getting the resources to make it happen. Trading requires capital. Money that you can afford to lose. If you have a learning curve – plan to lose some of it and trade small – while you learn the basics.

The third step is installing what I call The Trader’s Reflex. What’s that? If you jump in the water and were trained to swim – your reflex kicks in… you automatically know what to do and don’t have to think about it. That’s what all the great traders have developed. A Trader’s Reflex. When they look at a chart they have a basic instinct if its overbought or oversold, understand what might happen should the release numbers be a beat or a miss and have in their mind how things “might” unfold. They know the exit before they ever even walk in the door. 

The fourth step is is simply creating a trading plan. Its executing your strategy. Whether that’s StockJumpers or your own. No business operates without a plan. Why would trading be any different. But you would be surprised how many idiots think they are trading – and have no plan at all. Okay, more money to take from them I guess. Trading is a ZERO SUM GAME. For every loser there is a winner. Which side do you want to be on.

And finally the fifth step and perhaps the most important – RISK MANAGEMENT. You will never get 100% of the trades right… so you have to have a plan to mitigate losses and cut the losers and know when and how to do that.  This is the key winning point for the pro’s. They don’t get upset with a bad trade. They mitigate it or cut and run. Its all part of the game. Amateurs.. and I have met thousands via StockJumpers (while not a ton of pro’s) let fear be the prevailing emotion and get out at exactly the wrong time and get emotionally wrapped around the axle. Paralyzed by fear or motivated by greed… they make the most stupid mistakes possible – and again blame the market, their broker or us for their stupidity. It’s human I guess. But not correcting this will get you killed off quick as a trader.

This is as simple and straightforward as it gets. If you can do the above, AND learn the game (by trading small for 90 days) while you master the nuances of trading “jumpers” – you just might make it. If you are missing any of the above, and don’t have years of experience as a “real” trader… best not to even sign up. It’s OK – we are doing just fine without you.

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