Dane Spotts - Founder & CEO

“You can easily double or triple you money if you  are a skilled trader and operate this strategy like a business”

Performance Matters


Listen: Anyone can create a fancy website and claim great returns  The fluff and good looking photo’s of the management team might give you a warm fuzzy – but in the end its only about the bottom line profits they produce. One of most unambiguous things about running a company like this is there is no confusion about your objective. Its only about performance and managing risk. It keeps things simple and clearly in focus. You either produce results or you don’t.

StockJumpers is different in a lot of ways. The biggest is that performance levels are way beyond what most investors and traders are used to. It seems incredulous that double digit returns (monthly) are even possible.  To someone new to all this…their first thought must be; “this has to be bogus or illegal”. But just because you haven’t experienced something truly amazing, doesn’t make it impossible. Imagine taking your i-Phone back to the year 1970 – it too would surely look like you were from another planet. Technology changes the world we experience. StockJumpers is an evolved information edge for “real” traders.

The StockJumpers Edge

The strategies we deploy use a proprietary intelligence collection technology that we acquired from the Pentagon that was formerly a top secret spy tool. We use it to map out a stock’s trajectory with uncanny accuracy. We start by picking the right events to dip our magic sauce with. It’s like A.I. on steroids. Though not perfect (and being continuously refined) its a potent edge. An edge with amazing potential.

We focus our edge on equities with a known catalyst event like an upcoming earnings report. We then conduct a study using our trajectory analysis tools and determine the most probable outcome (direction) of the event. We map it over a 24 hour period. Knowing the direction is extremely empowering, and we are right more often than we are wrong – which is the crux of our edge.  We trade both long and short positions based on the the data-set.  If we are wrong – we cut our losses early. If right, we run the winners for max profit – but always back into cash as soon as practical. This is an important part of the strategy not only because being in cash is safe but to recycle our capital into the next event.  

This is a much different paradigm for an investment strategy.  It’s aggressive and action oriented. And totally outside the box thinking. Doesn’t mean we ignore risk. We won’t trade an event unless we feel we have the direction and risk management factors dialed in.

Of course we don’t always win, as it is a hit and miss business. But – we adjust quickly.  We could care less about the long term value of a stock or anything other than our small trading window of opportunity and exploiting it to the max. The key is getting the direction of the move right – the rest is just managing the risk.

Our business model is simple. We sell financial intelligence via an exclusive club membership. Our members are all self-directed traders. We do not trade for anyone other than ourselves and publish our ideas and trades to our members. That’s all we do. We are not Investment Advisors, Brokers or have anything to do with Wall Street. We are the quintessential outsider.

I started this venture after spending 10 years perfecting the technology and testing it on thousands of live trading events. Back-testing I believe worthless not only for this strategy but most strategies.

My goal is not only to make a ton of money for our members but to disrupt a paradigm that says, “No one can predict the markets.”

To which I reply; “Watch us.’

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