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StockJumpers Trade Portal (with the Trade Assist program) is a software bridge to a brokerage account that accepts trade signals, and allows you to trade a StockJumpers strategy without having to manage all aspects of trade manually. The Trade Portal can be set up to mirror one of our portfolio accounts, and once a trade is initiated from the Strategy Manager into the model portfolio – it sends a trade signal through your Trade Portal which acts as gateway that can execute that signal into a brokerage account based on how you want to trade it. The system is 100% self-directed and you can opt-in and out of specific trades, adjust the risk management settings to create stops, limit trade allocation amounts, or place it on full auto-pilot. In essence you are mirror trading a successful strategy but putting in your own risk-reward settings. It’s like your own personal hedge fund – (without the high fees).

Your are ALWAYS in your control of your account and how you want to trade the signals. You are at all times acting as a self-directed investor-trader and have the ability to shut off your the trade signals and the Trade Assist function of the Trade Portal software at the touch of a button. You can limit the size of your trades and scale your personal portfolio to mirror our professionally traded model(s) exactly or to any scale you wish. 

EXAMPLE: Lets say you are trading the CASH COW STRATEGY with a $10,000 account. StockJumpers CASH COW FUND was started with $25,000 so if you wish to mirror it exactly you would scale it for 40%. The PRO Jumpers fund was started with $50,000 and lets say you have an account  with $100,000 that you want to mirror. You would scale it to 200%. And so on… 

Of course to reduce risk further you can scale down to a low as 5% of the model portfolio you are mirroring. If you want to take a break from trading your account, or you are uncomfortable with any of the trades/picks on the calendar – you simply turn it off. Most choose to let the auto-trader do most of the work, but YOU are in total control of it.

(*NOTE: StockJumpers is not an Investment Adviser. We are signals provider/software publisher and have no knowledge of your account details or how you choose to manage your trades. Also it is always best to start out small and create a risk-reward set-up that you are comfortable with.)

 No.  The astounding performance is due to using a new prediction technology thats never before been used in trading the markets. It is not insider trading – it just seems like it because the accuracy is so high.

 No.  StockJumpers is not an Investment Adviser or Broker. We are a publisher and signals provider and we do not manage any account or provide individualized advice. (Investors who wish to have a manged account please let us know and we can refer you to an Adviser who will set that up for you and manage the strategy and the account. Account size 250k and higher)

For our premier strategy PRO JUMPERS the performance spreadsheets are measuring the total net JUMP ZONE move from peak to valley – where as the portfolio model account is how that trade signal was executed in a live – real money account. Entry and exits and timing in the trade are different and many other factors constitute an end result and profit or loss. All performance however no matter how its represented should be considered hypothetical even though the model portfolios are real trades executed in live broker accounts using the Trade Assist Portal system. The Jump Zone spreadsheets were designed to reflect a total best and worst case look at the move over a 24 hours period – not how it may be actually traded. Your results WILL vary significantly from this. (to see the trading rules of how the performance spreadsheets are derived – review the performance page here.)

The first step is to join our Investors Club. It’s free and it gets you into the system. Click on the Sign-up page. Step 2 is to select your strategy based on your investment objective and risk tolerance. Step 3 is to set-up a brokerage account. Currently is our digital brokerage partner and offers StockJumpers members commission free trading for a low monthly fee. As many of our strategies involve a significant number of round trip trades this program will save you hundreds of dollars a month in transaction costs. 

Once all three elements are in place you will be able to access the Trade Portal, link your software bridge, adjust your risk settings, trade and make money. 

The performance stats are online. Some strategies may have little to no history, so take that into consideration. Your results will vary based on your account scaling, risk management parameters, and how each trade executes into your account which involves a number of variables. Consider ALL performance numbers mentioned on this site and others, to be hypothetical. It will never be a perfect match – penny for penny. Each account has its own nuances and will invariably be different, but scaled correctly and left alone – it should be close to our model portfolio accounts.

ALL trading is risky. You will see disclaimers and risk warnings all through-out the site and during your sign-up process. Because the rewards can be substantial with a StockJumpers strategy, the risks associated with these rewards can likewise – be substantial. You should read the all risk warnings and take into consideration your personal risk appetite. You also should never risk trading money that you cannot afford to lose. One of the specific risk factors in trading any after-market event, like an earnings reporting stock – is the ability for any stops to be executed. This can be a significant risk factor based on lowered volume and increased volatility in the after-market.

You will see a number of risk disclosures like the one below that highlight this risk exposure.

There are risks inherent in trading outside of Regular Trading Hours (RTH) including reduced liquidity, increased volatility, and expanded error trade guidelines that traders should be aware of and willing to assume prior to trading active orders into the market during these times.

Membership in our Investors Club is currently free for the first year. This may not always be the case. The membership dues used to be $300 which includes a number of benefits, such as our newsletters, training and access to trade notifications. Though membership is now free, each trading strategy has its own monthly subscription cost associated with it. You can choose to trade the signals provided manually or choose auto-trading (based on the strategy). If you want to take advantage of the auto-trading option, you will need to subscribe to the Trade Assist program which uses the Auto-Trade Portal. There is a licensing fee as part of the monthly cost. Manually traded strategies like PRO JUMPERS-1 do not have this licensing fee. 

The current recommended minimum for CASH COW FUND is $5,000. but it could be any amount. You need enough capital to be able to trade and give you room to make the strategy pay out. The adage “it takes money to make money” is of course true in any business and most certainly with investing and trading. Each strategy has a suggested minimum – but its only a recommendation. This is YOUR money and your account, which is 100% self-directed, so its up to you how much to invest. CASH COW is a cash account and only trades long positions and is suitable for an IRA or 401k type brokerage account. 

The suggested minimum for PRO JUMPERS is $35,000 ($50,000 is much safer) as it requires a margin account, and it will trade both long and short positions. Without maintaining at least 25k in the account you run the risk of being flagged a Pattern Day Trader as the strategy is likely to do more than 4 trades per week. (As stated though out the risk disclosures – regardless of the strategy you should only invest funds you can afford to lose)

Step 1 is to join our Investors Club.  You do that by registering. Then you can choose the strategy and get your brokerage account linked – if you plan to auto-trade. When you register you’ll get a welcome email along with a Getting Started kit that will tell you exactly what you need to do.  You can join here

How The Trade Assist Portal Works

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If you are a member you can log in with your member credentials. To connect to your commission free brokerage account and trade one of the StockJumpers strategies you will need to subscribe.

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