As an a subscriber to our INVESTORS CLUB you receive the following member benefits...

 Membership dues are $24.95 a month paid annually the first year 
For part-time traders and investors who want passive income


Designed for INVESTORS and Part Time Traders, these trade signals are based on our special a.i.3 (Artificial Intuitive Intelligence) modeling studies. You get 2 picks a week (on average) that are destined to go up in price within a short time-frame (generally 2-weeks). We share our entry and exit Trade Alerts using a Twitter feed on an easy to access page. It takes members less than 15 minutes a week to work the system and enter and exit these trade signals. As you can see by the Performance Spreadsheet (click to view live) since we initiated the project, its like a stock picking money machine – spitting out passive income. (auto-trading software on your smart phone will be available for this program shortly)

As a member of the StockJumpers INVESTORS CLUB this is a core member benefit. You have full access to these stock picks along with our entry/exit signals all provided for you at the swipe of your finger, while you sit back and enjoy the money flowing into your account.


The PRE-JUMP strategy will eventually be automated and you will be able to allow the trade signals to auto-trade with your permission and oversight using a new mobile app under development. Those grandfathered in will get this benefit free.