As an a subscriber to our INVESTORS CLUB you receive the following member benefits...

 Membership dues are $24.95 a month paid annually the first year 
For part-time traders and investors who want passive income


Designed for INVESTORS and Part Time Traders, these trade signals are based on our special a.i.3 (Artificial Intuitive Intelligence) modeling studies. You get 2 picks a week (on average) that are destined to go up in price within a short time-frame (generally 2-weeks). We share our entry and exit Trade Alerts using a Twitter feed on an easy to access page. It takes members less than 15 minutes a week to work the system and enter and exit these trade signals. As you can see by the Performance Spreadsheet (click to view live) since we initiated the project, its like a stock picking money machine – spitting out passive income. (auto-trading software on your smart phone will be available for this program shortly)

As a member of the StockJumpers INVESTORS CLUB this is a core member benefit. You have full access to these stock picks along with our entry/exit signals all provided for you at the swipe of your finger, while you sit back and enjoy the money flowing into your account.

The PRE-JUMP strategy will eventually be automated and you will be able to allow the trade signals to auto-trade with your permission and oversight using a new mobile app under development. Those grandfathered in will get this benefit free.

2. JUMP PASS (1 week free)

If all you do is trade the PRE-JUMPS you’ll make money, but that’s only the beginning. For a true trader the big profits are in trading the jumps themselves. We intentionally pick highly volatile targets that jump from 5-20% when they announce quarterly earnings. As an INVESTOR CLUB member you can participate in these Jumps on-demand without our Jump Pass system. You can buy these Jump Passes which give you a week of free access.  The Pass for non-members cost $200 each …. but as an Investor Club member you  receive one FREE as part of your membership and this allows you to experience a week of Jumps Reports and see how it fits into your trading. Upon sign-up you will be sent a link with your Jump Pass instructions.


You will be invited to weekly webinars and free training events for members where you can ask questions and watch trade scenarios and learn the nuances of after-market trading and feeling comfortable in this volatile market. Also we do seminars and boot camps on risk management and option trading where you will learn from experts how to apply the jump technology to trading for max profit. You will learn how to mitigate loser trades and run winners. Some of these workshops will be live and others recorded on video. You will be able to select a number of training packages at deep discounts as a member. 


This is an additional incentive to get you motivated and also quite honestly, I want to brag a bit about what our boutique financial intelligence company is capable of…so we published a number of special reports for you. These were Private Studies we conducted over the last 12 months for hedge funds or very wealthy investors who were looking for a trading edge using our trajectory analysis technology. The specific client confidential stuff is redacted, so what you get is mostly the executive summary and conclusions of the study without any of the fluff. Some of this is mind-blowing explosive information about future events that will rock everyone’s world… information you and your family need to know to survive and thrive financially. For complete details see this full offer page as the reports may change and may not be offered on a continuous bases. (Reports shown are ONLY a sample and may not be the exact ones you receive. This is VERY limited time-sensitive material…so if you want in on this – you really do need to act. Note: bonus reports may be substituted at any-time. Access link provided on day 31 of a new membership. Offer not available to existing members. See current offer for details)


We realize this is lot of stuff and its a lot to digest. But you will never make extra money sitting on the sidelines thinking about it. The introductory bonus package is an incentive and may be withdrawn at an time – so if you are the least bit interested – now is the time to get started. Also, there is a 30-day money back guarantee on the Investor Club package and a performance guarantee (see the offer page for details). You will make at least a 20% annual return as in INVESTOR following these trade signals or StockJumpers will TRIPLE REFUND back the membership dues. And you get to keep all the bonuses and learn how to trade a Jump. Of course you have to actually do it and put it to a test… but we know you will be successful if you do – and that’s why we can make such an outrageous guarantee. Ready now?