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Once you are subscribed to an investment strategy – we will show you how to connect your brokerage account to the auto-trading software and set up your risk management settings. One everything is set-up there is nothing you have to do – watch the profits roll in.

 Some strategies only allow a certain number of investors – to maintain the liquidity pool for prime members

PRO JUMPERS-1 is our premier strategy for maximum profit. This strategy is supported by Interactive Brokers. More brokers to be added soon. It is both a long and short strategy and the suggested minimum capital is $35,000 traded from a margin account.  Strategy Fee is 299/mo

CASH COW FUND was designed as a low risk low – low cost way to get your feet wet and trade in a cash or retirement type account. This long only strategy is supported by C2Broker (free – no cost broker) and Interactive Brokers. Minimum capital is $10,000. Strategy Fee is 5/month – first 90 days. 

Note: There is $49/mo software licensing fee for the auto-trading brokerage bridge charged by Autotrader developer which you will authorize when you link your brokerage account.

30-day money back guarantee should you decide any of this is not a good fit for you. See the agreement for details on any refund policy.

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