StockJumpers Training Programs

We have three forms of training you can participate in to pull as much profit as possible out of a Jump Trade. The first is to participate in the Trading Room experience – which you will see and experience all the live trading scenaios first hand and how we mitigate loser trades and run winers.

The second is to register for one of the StockJumper Academy’s training courses and the “Jump Camp” training events – where you learn everything you ever wanted to know about trading volatility in the markets.

The third is one-on-one mentoring with a StockJumpers coach (Personal Coaching packages) to help you get set-up quick and trouble-shoot your trading skills

Jump Start Training

This collection of short videos will teach you the strategy and what you need to do to be a success. We will introduce the Trade Assistant software and how to work it – and get your broker account details/presets set up and how to mitigate bad trades. This is for beginners and though an experienced trader may not need this level of training – they may find it useful. For beginners its essential you have AT LEAST this training completed or you will certainly lose money trading this strategy.

3-Day Bootcamp

This is a series of video’s, homework and live trading room sessions over a 3-day intensive training regime where you will learn advanced trading skills and be adept at trading volatile catalyst market events. For those that want to capture max profit and learn the nuances of trading this course will easily pay for itself in the first week of trading. For a schedule and complete syllabus of the training content and to reserve a seat — please contact member support

Personal Coaching Sessions

For some one-on-one mentoring is the way to go to get fast tracked. We offer personal coaching packages that you can purchase and have exclusive attention and review on a trade by trade basis. The $500 fee buys you 2 hours of personal support/coaching time with a mentor, which includes both telephone and online support. To get set-up with a package or for more information contact our member support.