We Forecast The Future – So You Can Profit From It

Someone Asked Me Yesterday… Does StockJumpers Really “Tell the future?”

Short answer: Yes.

Before you throw me in the looney bin… hear me out.

Using a remarkable hidden technology we are able to forecast the outcome of “certain” events with an uncanny accuracy. Our trading members see the result in their portfolio each day trading what we call “Jumpers”. Catalyst events (mostly earnings reporters) that have the ability to jump in price (up or down – doesn’t matter to us) at least 5% after they announce something. 90% of it deals with quarterly earnings, but sometimes we delve into FDA announcements, IPO’s, and M&A actions.


Other than real Insider Trading (which is illegal and should be) this is the most powerful trading strategy on earth. So why aren’t we bazillionaire’s. Well – it takes time for people to get with the program and realize something this cool is real. Most don’t. It took 200 years or so before Galileo was recognized for telling the truth about the universe. We really just got started and refined our tech over the last year or so….

Pay attention and you will see StockJumpers is about ready for prime time now. I mean – look at the performance – which is all that matters to Wall Street.

(291% For March – 85% Win Ratio)

It is literally off the charts, and totally for real. But again most people’s brains are too small and un-evolved to grasp the possibilities and there are sooooo many scams – this has to fall into that category right.

Well to our StockJumpers members – they know better.

Imagine if Steve Jobs had a time machine and went back to 1964 and presented his i-phone concept and tried to raise money for it. Of course, he would be laughed at. No one could imagine a little box you hold in your hand that had access to all the world’s information with instant communication to anyone on the planet with such a device. They would think you were pitching a Star Trek TV series. This is how the world is and why human evolution is so slow. Revolutionary ideas have to be built on top of something familiar and become meme’s before there is wide acceptance.

Now we are talking about trading and telling future. Every trader on earth wants a time machine of their own – to go ahead a few hours or days and grab tomorrows stocks that pop or drop and then trade them BEFORE the event that caused the move. *COUGH. That’s exactly what StockJumpers does. It’s just not exactly a real time machine Just operates like one.

The ‘Wall Street Time Machine(TM)”

It’s not a real time-machine – but our AI3 technology operates like it. AI3 stands for ARTIFICIAL INTERACTIVE INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE. Combining all the human intuitional elements to machine learning creates a whole-mind-machine interface that really can predict outcomes in ways that seem like science fiction.


We kicked butt this week with a net jump profit that exceeded 50%. Where on earth can anyone do that without a time machine to help them. They can’t. No fund. No money manager. No one has or ever will.

Except you… you can now – as a StockJumpers member.

Also, we issued 3 PRE-JUMP trade signals we think will do well in the next 2 weeks. To grab and trade them go to the Trade Signals page here.