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Can You Still Make Insane Profits Without Ever Looking at Your Computer?

How To 'Auto-Trade' The StockJumpers Strategy

StockJumpers invented a whole new way to trade catalyst events… like earnings releases. It was revolutionary and created a few new millionaire traders in the process.

But – it does require skill and the right personal psychology to trade these volatile events. And also people are busy working and playing and living life and who has time to watch a chart at 4pm each trading day..even for 25 minutes. Enter StockJumpers Auto-Trading Brokerage bridge. We partnered with the world leader in auto-trading software and now finally after 4 years of amazing performance – investors with little or no trading skill  – can profit from this strategy too. 


It’s the natural evolution of StockJumpers.

We truly have some of the best stock trading performance in the world. But trading “Jumpers” is not for everyone. Auto-trading software can assist those that have followed us through the years and want to profit by mirroring our trading models. No skill required.

Let me share how all that is now possible.

So what is auto-trading?  Does it mean we take charge of your account and trade your money?  Answer: No. we are not Investment Advisers and we do not manage your money or trade it for you. It is all done by a software bridge that YOU control.

How Auto-Trading Works.

We create a model portfolio like the one you see on the performance page. You attach your brokerage account to our model account using a software bridge. The set-up is almost instant. You then enter the trade parameters on how you want to control the trade actions. You can mirror the model exactly – copying all trades exactly as they occur and scale it so it matches precisely your account size. If you don’t like a particular trade, you push a button on your software bridge and opt out of it at any time. Let’s say you never want to trade more than $500 on a single trade. You can set those limits as well or scale the account and let it run on full auto-pilot. 

The idea is YOU are always in control, of each trade and the trade allocation amounts. I have a friend who loves trading…but his day job is in an operating room as a surgeon and he can’t always be available at 4 pm each day. This is a perfect set-up for him and perhaps you too.

What are the STOCKJUMPERS Models You Can Auto-Trade?

If you’ve been a member with us for any time you already know what we do and the two main trading systems we deploy. The first is our Investors Club. This will be available for Auto-Trading starting June 4th (Monday). Then we will be porting over the PRO-JUMPERS program later in the month. 


The Investors Club plan trades “pre-jumps”. These are stocks with an upcoming event that mostly always move up in price over a 2 week period. It has the least risk and was designed for “investors” – to create a progressive passive income. We started it last October and its up 290% so far. Not bad.  The Investors Club passive income system requires no management and can be started with as little as $10,000.

It’s called Cash Cow for a reason. It is designed solely for passive income and to be on full auto-pilot with the lowest possible risk. Not a lot of action but solid results. And its all about making money.. with this consistent cash cow money machine. The trading picks get rotated every 2 weeks (or less) so you still get the benefit of recycling your capital just not as often as a Jumper.. You won’t see the crazy volatility though either- just a steady incremental profit. 

Cash Cow Fund is a “long-only” strategy so it can be run from any margin, cash or retirement type account.  To view the performance of this strategy visit the performance page.


For our Pro trader members – those who trade our Jump reports each day, we will offer a modified auto-trading version of being able to trade the Jump Reports. You will still be able to manually trade the reports as you always have, but have the added option of full or partial auto-pilot. 

The reason I say this is a modified version of the strategy is because not all Jumps will be made available for auto-trading, due to liquidity and other issues which create greater volatility in the after-market. You may get only 1 or two of these trades in your auto-trading account per week. Depends on how strong the modeling data was and if its “iffy” we won’t trade it. 

You should still be able to make way more profit than you ever dreamed was possible and the big advantage is there is no stress and no staring at a computer. Some of you may do both auto and manual for this strategy. More on that later.

How Much Can You Make Auto Trading?

A skilled trader who KNOWS all the nuances of trading can make a lot more trading these strategy’s manually. But the idea of auto-trading is that it frees up your time to do other things and allow the system to operate FOR YOU. Without any emotional attachment, stress or taking the time out of your busy life. 

Does that mean – our system will only create winners and there will never be loser trades? Certainly not. There will still be loser trades, but we will operate our model account  (the account you will be mirroring) like a business. We will run the winners, cut the losers and trade it like its our own money (which it is).  You can choose to go on full auto-pilot and scale your account to mirror our model, with as close to precision as possible – or you can choose to opt out of any trades you don’t like. Though the performance of the model is hypothetical, you should do quite well with this system. 

We will be operating our auto-trading account portfolios like a Hedge Fund and will place a performance hurdle rate each quarter that we have to meet at a minimum or our fees will be refunded. (more details about that later)

What Is The Cost?

The cost of the software licensing fee is 49/month which is paid to our software partner. Pretty cheap for what it does. We will charge $5 a month for the first 90 days for our Investor Club members. After the 90 days assuming you are still on board, you would pay $37 a month for the portfolio modeling service.  The cost of the PRO-Jumpers auto-trading strategy will be the same $299 a month as it has been for years, and you can trade the signals manually or auto-trade by adding the software bridge license. (NOTE: You will need a separate account for auto-trading. Why? So the mirroring of the trades doesn’t mess up your other accounts. Keeps It Simple. 

You can use a number of different brokers for this program (like Interactive Brokers), but an even bigger bonus –  if you decide to use our software partner’s brokerage service – “C2-Brokers” ALL TRADES ARE FREE. They are modeled like Robin Hood. No transactions costs at all. Really – its pretty amazing. You can use your Interactive Brokers auto trading account if you want or any of the others offered, but – if you choose C2 Brokers to trade with – its totally free of commissions.

How To Get Started

We are still putting the final touches together, but to get started and get the first 90 days for only 5 bucks a month (Investors Club members), let me know of your interest, by filling out the form below. I will send you the details in the next few days and get you the free broker account as well. I just got one, and will be auto-trading it too. 

Here is the form…

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