Bed, Bath & Gone- Will It Drop To ZERO?

Last quarter BBBY sunk 20% + on the release. Today – a few days before Christmas we trade it again. Another 20% and folks will be dumpster diving for their stocking stuffers this season. BBBY is slated to post .36 cents EPS on 2.9B in revenues…  hmmmmm – a move up would be nice for shareholders. The Jump Report we publish knows what Santa does….


(trade this one and get a nice Xmas bonus check in your stocking)

Speaking of great trades… RHT and MU last night we BOTH WINS. RHT beat but went down anyway as we forecast it would and MU – already at stellar highs kept giving more as we called it. Another 18% JUMP PROFIT in the bank. 

Tomorrow we close off the year with NIKE – so “just fu**king” doing it as Knight’s famous line/slogan says.

For those of you not in the Trade Room and missed the MU and RHT trades last night here are this mornings charts…

RHT - sinks on good news
MU pops more even on the news

Its soooo nice when a plan comes together like this – and everyone (at least StockJumpers members ) make a ton of profit!!! 

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