NIKE- The Last Trade of 2017…Just F***ing Do IT


Ahhh – today is Nike. The last trade of the year. And what a year. We learned so much – and created a few millionaires to boot. How fitting the final trade is Nike…

They have been doing well… though last quarter even with an EPS beat the stock price slipped 5% post release. Will they beat today? Well, they need to beat or the stock will fall for sure as its trading now at it’s annual high — and may be in the over bought zone

Today they are expected to .39 cents on 8.3 billion in revenue. Here is how we are trading it. Grab your Jump Report and watch the magic unfold in the trading room


Last nights Bed, Bath and Beyond popped up 10% as we forecast it would. Yawn! Another great trade.. I guess its boring unless you traded it and pocketed the coin. Here is the chart…

It truly has been a pleasure watching traders make money on these when the outcome is dialed in. Seriously – who in world can even do this?

In the immortal word’s of Tiny Tim “God bless us, every one!”

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