Nose Bleed – Is it all too high?

KBH kicked ass yesterday. All week the stock picks were overbought but still went up on the news, and though some corrected… the exuberance is in the twilight zone now.

We are always looking for the signs of weakness where a jump is off the cliff… but so far the Trump train is pushing stocks into the stratesphere. How much longer is the question? For StockJumpers in a way – it doesnt matter as we work only very short lived catalyst events and oue members are neve rin the market over the weekend on one of these.

Soooo… the final jump this week is Infosys. [INFY]. They too are up – way up… like 20% in the last 2 weeks. The question for us is only will their release news push them higher – or is there weakness that will cause a sell-off?  This is a before market open (tomorrow am) release but you do have to trade it today to get in on the move. 


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