The Future According To StockJumpers….

Dumptrucks loads of cash are on their way to your house this year. You just just have to smart enough to pick it up.

What’s In Store For 2018…

We start off the year with Rite-Aid, and Sonic… but as earnings season cranks up there is sooooo much profit to be made.

January should be a great month… Also there are many new things we announcing this month that are awesome profit makers.

And one of the big money-makers is the invention of the PRE-JUMP trading protocol. A simple 15 minute a week strategy that is the core of the INVESTORS CLUB that just makes money using our a.i.2 stock picking technology. You are in a trade only 2 weeks or less, always going long (so you can trade these in your retirement account) and you keep recycling your capital. We did 150% in the last quarter of 2017 on PRE-JUMPS – which translates into an annual return that would triple your money. Tons of opportunity going forward as this is just the beginning. And on the Jumps – we keep tweaking our protocols and members profit. Look at the last 2-3 years the progression of accuracy. Well – we put millions into it.. and now its time to reap what we’ve sown.

Oh and in case you missed it… here is the Nike chart from our last trade of 2017 … They beat on both revenue and earnings but the stock dropped as we forecast. Yep – love the smell of candlesticks in the morning. It’s victory!

Nike busted expectations and did very well, but like we forecast the stock up initially on the good news and then slam – WENT DOWN. Everyone in the trade-room got their nickel. Did you?

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