Gooood Morning 2018 – Let the trading begin ~

As we begin the next 12 months of amazing profits – someone wrote this morning, “How can you possibly beat 2017?” 

With over 1,600% returns, on the Jump Zone – its a tall order – or is it? We have lots of amazing things up our sleeves and we learned a lot in 2017 about refining our pick strategies and zeroing in on the sure things. 

The first Jumper of the new year is Rite Aid which trades Wednesday (AMC). These guys were supposed to merge with Walgreens last year and it looks like that may not happen – so its reporting today as one of the first of the year. Since the market may still have a bit of hangover from the biggest stock-market rally in history they may need to take some meds today. For those of you signed up as PRO-1 traders… just click on the jump report and trade this puppy. (up or down) for max gain.

Also this week we have SONIC this week… which promises to be the mover and shaker this week. 

Check out all the UPCOMING JUMPERS HERE 

And we are back in the saddle on the pre-jumps. You need to be a member of the Investors Club to access these signals (sorry no more freebies – back of the soup line for you if want something for nothing). The pre-jumps made us a cool 153% in only 3 months with VERY LITTLE effort. Its only 24.95 a month to be a member…. so if you are tripping over penny’s on this one you might as well go to the back of the line… no soup for you.

We have 3 new picks this week….. here is the link to the trade signals (for members only

Let the jumps begin !!!! 

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